Every unresolved dispute remains an obstacle to cooperation and has a negative impact on productivity..

Deal with your problems fast and effectively, in a discreet and civilised way!

Our Philosophy

At Symphonia Globe we believe it is essential to understand what our business is about, where we are going, and how the values we live by are driving us where we want to be..

Our Vision

Land among the top choices in the area of Alternative Dispute Resolution and Deal Making for businesses and individuals by offering value added consulting services. 

Our Mission

Assist businesses and individuals to resolve their differences quickly, effectively, creatively, at a cost considerably lower than the cost of litigation.

Help businesses to successfully address problems and challenges in order to achieve competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Our Values

High moral standards, sense of responsibility and commitment to excellence, confidentiality, fairness, honesty, integrity and respect for our clients and partners are our drivers for success.

Types of Disputes we can help you deal with..





Family Business


Intellectual Property



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